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Big Sean excels in Netflix animated family-friendly film "Dog Gone Trouble"

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Written by Fredia Lucas


The producers of the “Shrek” franchise, Vanguard Animation Production, have a hand in Netflix’s new family-friendly animated film, “Dog Gone Trouble,” starring Big Sean.

That’s right. Sean Michael Leonard Anderson is acting now, and I’m profoundly rooting for feature-length animated films showcasing Black voice actors.

If you’re late to the watch party, Big Sean presented his scripted television debut in 2020 on BET’s Networks “Twenties,” a half-hour comedy and labor of love from Lena Waithe (Master of None). Sean was cast for the role of Tristan Anderson, a yogi with anti-social media habits and a propensity for asking “far too deep” questions. "Twenties" was a 10/10, and Sean knocked that role out of the park. Ever since then, the “Detroit” (2012) artist has rightfully propelled his acting career further, working to be (finally) famous in new arenas of entertainment. While the 2020 character Tristan was not absorbed with material possessions, the “oh god” rapper's 2021 character has no familiarity with living an independent lifestyle, demonstrating the budding new actor's ability to portray an array of personas and emotions.

The Detroit Don is the leading character in a feature-length animated film profiling a dog named Trouble, who in the film isn’t so much troublesome as he is trouble-prone. The mayhem in the movie begins when Trouble, an affluent pooch assigned with a manicurist, hairstylist, chef, and butler, is left to fend for himself in the big city after his wealthy owner passes away. Trouble has dined at the finest restaurants, shopped at the swankiest boutiques, and indulged in the most delicate things that life has to offer the 1%, but he doesn’t know how to find his food, wipe his butt, or the difference between butterflies and vampires.

The film is filled to the brim with an assortment of funny and charming animal characters that aid Trouble in finding his way home and defeating those who wish to do him no good. The canine crew consists of an emotionally unavailable but rightfully distrustful Pit Bull, Squirrels who could moonlight as off-broadway starlets, a Corgi with sonar capabilities, and a Doberman voiced by hip-hop’s play uncle S-N-OO-P-D-O-GG. Voice acting heavyweight titan Pamela Adlon (Bobby in King of The Hill) joins the cast in the supporting role of Rousey. Additionally, Wilmer Valderrama (That ’70s show), Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars), and Damon Wayans Jr. (New Girl) lend their voices as two-legged and four-legged furry friends respectively.

The combination of absurd adult characters, talking animals, and unwavering optimism make this film superb for kids ages 3-9. For those looking for content to play for the kids in your life that won’t give you a headache while playing in the background, this is a solid choice. Additionally, for adults who enjoy co-watching, the film also touches on deeper themes like self-absorption, greed, class in a non-overbearing and “explain it to me like I’m a fifth-grader” kind of way.

"Dog Gone Trouble" is available to watch now on Netflix.

Watch Time: 1 Hour 27 Minutes

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